Monday, June 22, 2015

A return to writing

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Dear Journal,

I haven't written to you for years! And to think we used to be such close companions, inseparable for all of my youth, and much of early adulthood. As any close companion, I shared with you the most brilliant light of exultation: successes, love, inspiration, and countless adventures. I regaled you with these joyous times and sought comfort in the archivist in you; the surety of your record.

And true, we also shared the thick darkness of lamentation: heartbreak, failures, doubt, remorse, and the tragedy of death. In those times you were my savior, a life-raft in the quilted sea of sorrow.

You are my stalwart and my confidant, providing clarity and insight to a clouded mind. Let me be clear Journal, I miss you.

Kind of silly, but it's a fun way to describe how I feel about my return to writing.

In my youth I kept journals, both online and off. I always looked at writing as my personal time, ME time. Even when posting online, I found more value in the process, than the public sharing of emotion. But it's not just catharsis, it's a written record--my own Histories, if you will. Maybe someday my grandchildren will stumble upon what's shared here, or maybe their children...

Now, as I age, the temptation to return to writing and document my life strengthens. This time with more purpose, and renewed focus. I'm still a young man, though now have more experience and stronger opinions. Most importantly, I must learn to embrace the sharing aspect of this endeavor; to impart my passions to this record, so that those who may find it may share in those joys. So I begin anew, refreshed at the prospect of telling my tale and sharing my life.

I'm a lover of technology and Linux. I buy the latest gadgets and I run Fedora with Gnome on all of my computers. I'm an avid gamer, both video games and board games. I love Doomtown Reloaded and X-Com: Enemy Within. I wish there were more games on Linux (go Steam Machines!). I'm a Real Estate Investor and Consultant (website). I develop property on the west side of Los Angeles and buy income properties across Southern California. This blog will probably cover all of these things and more, so I'll try to keep everything organized.

I'm excited to write again!

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